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CBD comes in many different formats. We now have CBD Honey, a naturally sweet and easy way to consume. ...

Happy Mothers Day!

Get Your Mom Some Premium Flower You Know She'll Enjoy.

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Ellevia's RSO is a decarboxylated, full-spectrum cannabis oil. No fillers, additives or synthetics. Ellevia RSO comes in a 1gram applicator With a removable cap that precisely dispenses 25mg per dose. Each applicator contains 40 doses. ...

Are you missing the Houseplant Beverages? Look no further, same formula and flavor it just looks a little bit different these days.

Available Now!

.. And the countdown to 4/20 is on. Come celebrate with us.

Can't wait to see you there!

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New Cartridge Alert!🚨

Melon Bubble Haze by Feather is a delicious Melon Bubblegum Flavoured Sativa Dominant 510 Cartridge made using botanical terpenes.

Stay focused on your goals with the Melon Bubble Haze as the dominant terpene in this cartridge is Pinene.

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From Basecamp to the Summit, we've got you covered!

These bevy's will take you to new heights.

Both in stock at our Valley Location!

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You asked, and we listened. Say Hello to the New Cannabolish Lavender Candle Available Now!

We take customer requests!

For any of your accessory and cannabis needs see your local budtender and ask them how.

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